BC-0907 Intelligent Fast Charger

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BC-0907 Intelligent Fast Charger

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Chargers 1-4 AA/AAA Ni-MH/Ni-Cd batteries

Main Features
- 4 Independent Charging Channels
- Easy To Read LCD Display (shows Charging Progress,Defective Battery, Battery Refresh Features)
- 6 Level Charge Protectionn
-dv cut off
Timer Control Protection (1.5 Hours)
Over Temperature Protection(60⊥)
Reverse Polarity Protection
Over Current and Short Circuit Protection
Defective and Non-rechargeable battery detection
- Low Current Leakage Minimizes loss of capacity and maintains battery charge by controlling current leakage
- World Voltage Switch Adapter
- Trickle Charge To maintain battery charge
- 0 Voltage JumpStartTM
- Pulse Charging Technology for fast, efficient charging
- Car Plug Adapter
- Battery Refresh reduces memory effect and enables full discharge for long battery life

AC To DC Adapter
Input Voltage AC 100 ~ 240V 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage 12V DC
Car Plug
Output Voltage 12V DC
Charging Currents
12V DC Input
4x(1.4V 2200mA) AA Size
4x(1.4V 800mA) AAA Size

↗ About 0 Voltage JumpStart Discharged batteries normally have some residual voltage. Others have no voltage at all. Many chargers on the market today cannot recharge these dead batteries once they reach this 0 voltage condition. Using newly developed technology, select Camelion chargers can charge up these dead batteries, bringing them back to life!
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